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About Us

 Komodo/Foton tractors are a joint venture in the USA selling compact tractors. Foton Tractors are known throughout the world as THE BEST and THE BIGGEST selling compact tractor. With a variety of models and options to suit everyone from the lifestyle farmer to the  grazer and all people in between we have a Komodo/Foton Tractor to suit your requirements. Komodo Tractors are manufactured by Foton Lovol Heavy Industry, a large scale industrial equipment manufacturing enterprise specialized in producing construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and vehicles.

As an individual who is looking to acquire compact tractors, determining the factors that will help you to purchase the perfect tractor can prove to be exponentially beneficial. There are a variety of different compact tractors that are available throughout the market today and they all bring forth their own array of advantages. Acquiring the perfect compact tractors has become a popular process throughout the world due to the fact that they are constructed with the best materials and have proven to cost far less money than other tractors that are available on the market.

The first factor to consider prior to purchasing a compact tractors is what retailer you will be purchasing the model from. Considering that retailers obtain the tractors disassembled and then are required to assemble the tractors themselves, you will want to ensure that you choose a reliable retailer that you have had prior experiences with. Also, it is imperative to know that some retailers will substitute the Chinese manufactured parts for U.S. manufactured parts in order to improve performance.

Komodo compact tractors are exponentially lower in costs due to the fact that they have low assembly costs. With the majority of other U.S. made tractors, you can expect to pay nearly double the price of a non-U.S. manufactured tractor.

Another benefit to be noted about a Komodo tractor is that they are generally equipped with extremely powerful engines. With engines that have low RPM power, you will acquire the ideal use out of your machinery. This makes the engines more rugged and have a higher longevity so that you will not have to perform constant maintenance on the parts. With Chinese diesel tractors you will inevitably acquire a piece of equipment that will last you for a plethora of years to come.

Whether you are an individual or if you are looking to acquire a tractor for your company, considering our Komodo compact tractors can prove to be quite advantageous. With their stronger engines and lower prices you will be able to perform more work on a day to day basis for less money. With that being said, your profits will inevitably increase more than if you were to use another brand of tractor. There are an abundance of compact tractors available to the general public and so the options are relatively endless.

Komodo/Foton products have passed ISO 9001 International Quality System Certification, in addition to this they have passed certification requirements such as EC (EU), EPA (America), and GOST (Russia), meaning all Komodo products have been ratified worldwide.

We will provide you with a superior performing Komodo tractor and unmatched owner support; we have an extensive warranty program to back up our products 100%. Our staff is enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable - well versed with our products to help you answer any questions that may arise.